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401 S. Vermont Ave, Unit 3
Los Angeles, CA 90020



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Katrina R.
Katrina R.Elite 2022
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Stumbled upon this hidden gem while driving back home after being turned down by BCD at 2:30 am lol. Let's just say this is now my new go-to spot for late night (drunken) Korean food cravings!! I've only gotten their original beef tofu soup in the danger spicy level. I personally think it's really good but it's not too spicy. My bf and I also enjoy their banchan! We always ask for multiple rounds hehe Customer service is also 10/10. I have been coming at around 3 am and the workers have always treated me like their first customer of the day with their smiles :')
Kimberly A.
Kimberly A.Elite 2022
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We had a great experience here. Our friend (who is Korean) did all the ordering for us since she knew a lot about the menu. It was delicious! Two of our favorites were the kimchee pancake & the mixed seafood tofu soup! Also the corvina fish they bring out for everyone at the beginning was tasty! We got one of the bowls that was supposed to have crispy rice at the bottom, but didn't (I am assuming the bowl wasn't hot enough when they put it in there) so that was a bummer. We had the spicy raw crab (for the first time ever) and I realized I prefer cooked crab, but the flavor was amazing (so messy and fun to eat though!) The service was so nice and kind! Would come back to check them out again and order my favorites!
Karolyn P.
Karolyn P.Chicago, IL
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New place I wanted to check out and support local business My favorites - spicy raw crab: great flavors of garlic, ginger, spicy that remind me of eating this growing up. Crabs were meaty and good portion size. Messy to eat but worth the challenge. Friends had it for the first time and they enjoyed it! - mixed seafood and meat tofu soup: broth had deep flavors that give you Unami burst. Definitely preferred this over the dumpling tofu soup. - kimchee pancake: didn't expect the portion to be huge. Good amount of kimchee in the filling that I didn't feel like I was eating only the batter. - small side of corvina fish: well cooked, not over fried and tasty. Everyone got a side of fish even though we only ordered two tofu soups. Appreciate the bonus from back of the house. Side dishes were great with variety of options
Serina c.
Serina c.Elite 2022
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Wow this place is so cheap for what you get!!! They were not stingy with the food and bachans. I came here with my friend for lunch and got the A3 and A2. It came with tofu soup of your choice, the meat on the sizzling plate, rice, a whole fried mini fish, and all the bachans! Food was delicious and came out to $50 for lunch for all that food. I wish in San Diego it was that cheap.